Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks giving weekend

This weekend is all about Thanks Giving. Although I'm not American, I'm really thankful for this holiday ;) So far there's been loads of divine food, and tomorrow there will be more....
Last night we had a potluck dinner at Katie and Michal's place....everyone out-did themselves on the food. I made caramel pumpkin fritters which went down a treat! I ate way too much. It was fantastic!

The delicious buffet

Nate's contribution of peanut butter & jelly sarmies ;)

Fun and games

Me and Kirsty

Michael, our host, who made sure everyone had pretty, fruity cocktails all night!

Monday, November 22, 2010

YWCA cooking contest

The annual YWCA contest was held last week. I didn't cook South African food again, so I teamed up with the Chinese girls to make sweet & sour pork. There was also lots of Vietnamese food as usual, and although a Vietnamese team won, our food was by far the most delicious and most popular amongst the contestants! Lots of fun once again.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The joys of home

I only have about 6 weeks left in Korea before I return to South Africa, so I've found myself thinking a lot about the things I'm looking forward to back home....and I decided to make a list (notice how most of the things on the list are FOOD!).

(P.S. I didn't add 'seeing family' to the list, because that's just OBVIOUS!)

1. Braai vleis - specifically lamb chops and boerewors. Also all the yummy things that go along with it, like pap and sous, and garlic bread!
2. Cross & Blackwell mayonnaise.
3. Proper yogurt. Real plain (NOT sweetened plain) yogurt, and GREEK yogurt!
4. Bovril.
5. Jungle oats and slap pap....real breakfast food!
6. A Sunday roast. I don't mind whether it's lamb, chicken or beef!
7. Fruit and vegetables - especially peaches and butternut.
8. Listening to Afrikaans and Country music again.
9. Watching the SuperSport channel!
10. My room - which is probably bigger than my apartment here!

That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there's lots more....Look out for List # 2!

Oh, I've just thought of something...

11. Mrs Balls Chutney.
12. Bar one.
13. Going fishing.