Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby shower

As if Janine didn't have enough to do with Mom's party, she organised my surprise baby shower for the Monday too! And managed to keep it a huge surprise!! She made a great effort and the party was perfect - many thanks to her for organising such a special day. I must admit, it felt weird to be having my own baby shower, but Noa helped to take the edge off by leading the opening of the presents - thank you to my little helper! I was really spoilt and got loads of amazing things! Stella is a lucky little girl. I have a lot of preparing to do before she comes...have to find space for all her things!

Help from the little ones :)

Eat eat eat what do I do with this?

Can't believe there's only one month to go...

Mom turns 60!

We had a party for Gogo Linda on Sunday the 20th March, since she was going to be unavailable for the next month! That's our mom, busy busy busy.
The party was a great success, even though lots of people couldn't make it. We were sad not to have all the brothers and sisters there.

Happy 60th Mom - may the next lot of years be just as amazing and memorable as these last ones! We love and admire you loads :) XXX

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 weeks

Meeting Owen

Mom and I were in Kimberley on Sunday, and popped in at Colleen and James to say hi and finally meet little Owen. He is tiny and precious and is adored by big brother Troy.

Unfortunately he didn't seem to like my camera much...

Colleen has given me so much great advice and insight, as well as providing me with my third-trimester wardrobe! Very grateful :) Thanks Colleen!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How's your back, Jack?

This is what I've been feeling like for the past few days....I seem to have over-extended myself doing ball exercises last week. The thing I've learnt through all this is, you just can't do things the way you used to before falling pregnant, no matter how invincible you think you are!
With lots of rest, Arnica oil (thanks Janine, and Mom) and a bit of heat treatment, I'm feeling much better. Going to be taking it very easy from now until labour day!