Saturday, August 29, 2009

Home from Home

I didn't want the first post on this blog to be about South African stuff in Korea, but there you go...

So we went to watch the rugby at Scrooges in Itaewon, a district of Seoul. And you know, I may as well have been in a pub in South Africa.

I got to eat some good old (but nothing like home of course) boerewors & mash...

We sang the national anthem like our lives depended on it, and I swear there wasn't a non-South African in the pub!

We ate biltong, and chatted to some "Capies" who had had one too many, and were speaking Afrikaans much better. And of course, South Africa whipped some Aussie butt like no-one else can. I love my Country :)

I bought a raffel ticket from the local ex-pat rugby team, the Seoul Survivors... And won a meal voucher. I never win anything!

This is Neil and Annie, two South Africans from Durban who have been here for 7 years! Yes, they like it here very much!

OH! And they even played...wait for it....the LEEULOOP!!!! I couldn't believe my ears. I half expected Galla to jump out of somewhere, on all fours, 'knyping twee balle tussen sy bene', but instead we got this:

It was a nice day.


  1. Ahhh Tess! Congrats! ... you started a blog! The pLace looks amazing! Glad there's a taste of home there in Korea! Looking forward to hearing all your news! missing you lots here in Magogong!
    Lots of love x

  2. Well Tess, Looks like you have settled in to your new lifestyle quite nicely! I was hoping you would be home sick after the first week. But no! Tess is the "model" traveller! Glad to see you are enjoying Korea!

    Take Care,
    We love you and miss you lots!
    Deano, Janine and Noa xxx