Monday, July 25, 2011

Jump to now

Obviously lots has happened, since my last blog post was at 37 weeks pregnant, and Stella is now already almost 3 months old!
Well, the first 8 or 9 weeks of her life are too tough to describe, so I'm skipping forward to happier times i.e. the awesome 3 weeks we spent with the Kyles in Natal. It was during this time that Stella seemed to improve so much, and even get into some sort of routine! She started smiling and chatting (well, I call it chatting), and has turned into a real fatty! She's absolutely adorable, and I think she crept into the hearts of all at Sight Hill. Thank you Goose, Bash and Ticky Tyler for everything!

Here are a few highlights from our trip ~~~~~~~~

We went down to help celebrate Tyler's 2nd birthday ~

Stella entertaining us with her smiles and facial expressions ^^

She loved bathing in the big bath with Mom or Aunty Goosie, and Tyler :)

Cosy by the fire ♥

Tyler's cute new bangs!

Even Fixile loved her!

Bonding with her cuzzie xxx

We dressed her up for the Farmer's Market - fun!

Look at my cute shoes!

We spent lots of time outdoors - why not, when Natal is so beautiful?!

We are missing those 3 stacks already, and look forward to being back!


  1. Great photos Tess! Glad you had such an awesome time and even happier that you are home again! Natal is a very special place. Well done on doing a little blog post! Stella looks chubbier in the photos than in real life I think. x

  2. Good to see you back on-line. Things sure have changed in 4 months. How cute is Stella. Can't wait to meet her.