Sunday, April 8, 2012


When we heard Galla, Sanette and Fergus had gone home for Easter weekend , I must admit I was very jealous! We missed having family and Easter eggs around this Easter! But we had a lovely weekend anyway :)

I have no idea how to make hot-cross buns, so I made some muffins instead!

After breakfast, we went off to Anjung in search of a party venue for Stella's birthday, and then we stopped off at Sangyeon's Aunt's restaurant for lunch.

And then it was time for church, where much to my delight we found Easter eggs - lots of pretty ones!
We even got to take some home afterwards. They weren't chocolate, but perhaps that's a good thing ;)

Hope you all had a blessed Easter xxx

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  1. Love your hot cross buns Tess! Stella is getting cuter each time I see a photo of her. It must be difficult trying to keep her little hands away from the hot pans in those restaurants. We missed you this weekend! x