Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hwaseong Fortress

Hwaseong Fortress is a World Heritage Site, and is almost literally on my doorstep. I've been to it a few times, but always to the same part of the wall.
So on Wednesday I decided, for a bit of exercise, I would walk the entire length of the circular wall, which is about 5.5km long and makes a ring around the city centre.

It is a special thing to have this place at my disposal any day of the week, when people come from across the world to see it.

I started here from the Western gate, close to my apartment.

On the inside of the wall, the bustling city centre.

And on the outside, things are a bit less hectic.

Near the North gate, you can try your hand at archery...

The North tower has amazing views of the city. Here you can see the World Cup Stadium in the backround, where I watched SA play soccer against Korea a few weeks ago.

The walk 'end's at Namun (or South gate) which is the main tourist area of Suwon.

The South Gate.

On my way home I went to see the palace grounds, and accidentally found a bronze statue of King Jeongjo, who built the palace.

And then I got VERY lost and was almost late for school. I'm so good at that.
P.S. There are a few more photos on FB to give you a better idea of the wall.

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