Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend shenanigans

After my tutor session with Sujin on Saturday, her, Sona and I went for Shabu-Shabu. It's beef slices (never seen beef this pink before), which you then swish around in a soupy type of pot and wala! It turns into delicious beef stew!

And then I went to meet up with some other teachers in Chun Chun Dong for some red wine and much excitement about the snowboarding season coming up!!
With Christian, Matt and Neil just before heading out to Nore Bang (Karaoke Room)...

Annie and Neil and too many glasses of wine.

These two photos I don't really remember taking...

Happy Chusok to all the Korean families. I hope you all have many things to give thanks for. I know I have :)

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  1. Eating again Tess? Looks interesting!

    So happy you are happy! Snowboarding ... you must be in your element!