Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Seoul of Asia

Today I went to Dongdaemun to try to do a bit of shopping but I obviously got there a little early and the market was still I had a stroll around and then headed off to Olympic Park.

So Olympic Park was a totally random choice, and turned out to be awesome! There is a museum dedicated to the 1988 Olympics held in Seoul, and is quite special. I kept thinking that I wish I had trained harder at gymnastics, or actually went to swimming training, so that I could have even a snowballs hope in hell of having anything to do with the Olympics. Oh well. And on that note, WELL DONE to Kel who swam like a champ this weekend - proud of you my girl!

BTW, I love Seoul more and more each time I go there. It is really an amazing city. SO, maybe if I stay another year, I'll consider moving there!

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  1. Ahh ... Tess I miss you! Wish you weren't so far away! Noa is getting cuter by the day ... wish you could see how she can talk now ... so adorable.