Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shop til you drop

So I've been very lazy with my blog lately. Partly because it's difficult&inconvenient to drag everything down to the PC bang, but also because there just seems to be no time!
Well the good news is, I have finally finished my treatment at the dentist, so now I will have extra free time to do stuff - yay!
Also on that note, I am thinking about buying a laptop, so I can do my e-mailing and blogging at home...but need to wait a bit longer before I can do that!
Halloween last weekend was fun, although the festivities were dampened by a downpour of rain! The costumes were toned down and the big mission to Seoul was also cancelled :( we had fun anyway though, as per usual here in Korea!
Since it has turned COLD, and I am totally not kitted out for this weather, we went to Itaewon in Seoul today in search of some winter necessities. It was fun and exhausting and rather succesful :) I found a snowboarding shop which made my day too. I'll think about doing a little fashion shoot so you can wee what I got...

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  1. Yay ! Shopping! Can't wait to see what you bought!!! Weird to think that you are freezing your ass off and we heading for summer!