Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preview to Jeju

We're back from Jeju!! It was just as fantastic as I hoped/expected it to be....I just wish we could have stayed longer.
I took hundreds of photos so I'm still trying to sort them out before I post them.
In the meantime, I thought I'd show you the not-so-great part of the weekend where I crashed my rental scooter :( It was a little crash that cost me dearly, and left me with a nasty injury. I'm all good, although it hurts like hell!

The damage to the bike

The damage to my leg

A few days later...

In fact, it's looking more red and ugly now, but apparently it's healing.

I'll get the other pics up soon.

Congrats to Janine and Deano who found out they are expecting a little sister for Noa. She is going to make a great big sis!


  1. Eina Tess! that looks sore! Thanks for the congrats ... we are very excited!

  2. Tessa I'm throwing up from your photos ... why don't you take care of yourself! You better phone me tomomorrow
    Love Mom x