Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend at Sangyeon's

We decided to be good this weekend, and woke up early on Saturday to go for a walk up a little 'koppie' in Sangyeon's town of Shihwa. It's a lovely walk, nice and steep and gets you sweating....pity about the view at the top, but then Shihwa is an industrial town so what can you expect? The west view is quite nice as it looks across the river at Incheon (the airport city), and if you walk up there at dusk, you can see a beautiful sun set.

At the bottom...our failed attempt at a self-portrait.

On the way up, lush green shrubbery takes your mind miles away from the city.

View of Shihwa.

The cardboard recycling plant.

The river, with Incheon on the other side. That green patch in front (which stretches all along the river) will soon be developed into apartment blocks, adding to the concrete skyline :(

Listen to these crazy bugs....they make such a noise, and they are everywhere in Korea!

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