Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's all happening in week 14

Stella has had an exciting, eventful week! Especially with Kel around to entertain her.
Here are a few things that went down this week:

1. Her vomiting (which got quite bad), became a bit better this week, so I think maybe it was just the vaccinations that had upset her.

2. She started babbling, gurgling and blowing bubbles - soooooooo cute! She had a full-on conversation with Kel, spoke to Aunty Bridgie, the lady in the bank and all the tellers at Ackermans! This morning she and I were blowing bubbles back and forth at each other while listening to Jack Johnson, which she loved ;)

3. She sat all on her own! Ok, it was just for a few seconds, but still, she did it, and I have the proof ~

4. After not sleeping for 2 months, she is finally sleeping well at night. It started in Natal, and now she only wakes up once for a feed during the night and again at 6 or 7 for breakfast. I couldn't resist bringing her into my bed this (cold) morning at 5 for a little cuddle ♥

I can't believe Stella is growing up so quickly. Dr Kuhn said I should start feeding her rice porridge already because it will help with the reflux, but I'm not so keen just yet. But I can't put it off for much longer...she's almost 4 months already!
Actually, she's 100 days old tomorrow, which is a big anniversary in Korea. Very sad Daddy will be missing it!

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  1. Happy 100 days little Stella! Glad we could celebrate it with you. x