Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby Update!

I guess this is the first time I'm officially mentioning my pregnancy on the blog...It had to be done, since very soon this will become more about Stella than about me! Oh, yes, I'm having a little girl. And her name has already stuck with everyone. If Sangyeon and I had any ideas of changing her name it would confuse a lot of people, e.g. Noa, who talks about (and to) Stella everyday. She's very cute, patting and rubbing my tummy and always asking "When are we going to the hospital so we can take Stella out of your tummy?". Well, for now, I'm quite enjoying having her in my tummy, so no rush!

Taken at about 25 weeks

I'm already 6+ months along, or 27 weeks to be exact. Stella is expected around the 10-12 May...I can't believe I only have 3 months left! It's hard to think that in such a short time, I'll be a mommy and I'll have a little life in my hands - amazing!

Our precious little thing at 23 and a half weeks

I'm missing Korea a lot, but especially Sangyeon. I only wish that he could have gone through this experience with me. I can't wait til he gets here in May!

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