Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The latest

We took Mom and Uncle Andre to the Taungs dam on Sunday to have a warm-up swim for Midmar which is coming up this weekend. They have a good time, and we got to see the wall flowing over after all the rain last month. I suspect we are in for lots more this Feb...

Noa and I playing lifeguard in the canoe

The swimmers

The wall flowing over

Dam wildlife

Congratulations to Colleen, James and Troy on the safe arrival of little Owen Carl this morning. I'm sure they are all very happy to have him here at last. Can't wait to meet the little fella :)

Stella, btw, was sending me into continual panic mode due to her irregular movements up until Sunday. Then on Monday she started to go wild like a circus clown, and now she wont stop! I love watching all the weird shapes my tummy morphs into when she's at it. It must be one of the most simple, yet most amazing things!

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