Friday, January 13, 2012

Back in the ROK

We're back! I can't believe it, after such a long time it feels like I've never been away...
It's been quite an adjustment for little Stella, although Sangyeon is doing everything he can to make her comfortable. Him and his brother have spoilt her rotten already.

We are missing home, that's for sure. Stella misses the space a lot, the animals, and also the cuzzies to play with everyday. She checks herself out in the mirror all the time and giggles and OOs and AAs. I wonder if she thinks it's another little friend?

Our lounge-cum-play area...finally got the ABC matt I've wanted since Stella was born!

All bundled up for a walk's COLD people!

This little monkey really has me on my toes, clambering all over the furniture all the time! She's just about standing on her own too :)

Where does she get these thunder thighs from??

We found a children's library close to our home. It's great and has a little play area for kids. So I think we'll spend lots of time there, and hopefully meet some friends.

Hopefully meeting up with some old friends this weekend. Really looking forward to that!


  1. Ahh ... keeps the posts and pictures coming! We miss you guys terribly! I got tears in my eyes when I saw the pic of Stella and her Daddy ... must be so great for him to be reunited with his little girl! x

  2. Looks like everything is going great, Tess, glad to see that!