Sunday, January 29, 2012

Party party

Stella was invited to her first birthday party in Korea today! It was a great opportunity for me to meet up with an old friend, Annabeth from the Philippines, and also for Stella to have some play time with kids her own age. I think she is quite bored with mine and Sangyeon's company, bless the little soul.
Well, she loved it! And played so nicely with the other kids, who were all besotted with her (she was the youngest there, since 아름, who's birthday it was, is already 4 years old).

When we got to Korea, Stella was introduced to Pororo the friendly penguin....and she LOVED him. Seriously, I didn't know a 9 month old baby could be crazy about anything, but really, she is crazy about Pororo!
I think we'll have to get her a cake like this for her birthday....wonder how hard it would be to bake a Pororo cake???

Ahreum (means 'beautiful'), the birthday girl, with her cake.


In her new kit from H& that we have an H&M here!

It was a fun day! Hope we get to spend lots more time with Ahreum and her mommy :)

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