Friday, January 13, 2012

Dis lekker by die see!

Stella and I were lucky enough to spend a holiday by the sea before leaving for Korea. Galla and Sanette were kind enough to have us with them in East London for a week, and Goose, Bash and Tyler were there too which made it even more special!

It was Stel's first time at the sea, and she loved it! Not so much the sand in her eyes, but she enjoyed the waves. She went crawling fearlessly towards the ocean as soon as I put her down on the ground.

Here's a shot of her very first visit to the beachat sunset, with god parents Galla and Sanette.

We hit Nahoon beach on day 1. Tyler is a real little beach bum...I hope Stella follows in her footsteps!

Ooh, this is nice....

....what's going on now?

On your marks...get set...go!

Brrr...that was lekka!

G&S have the most awesome little pool at there house, with a shallow step perfect for the kiddies.

Tyler showed Stel the ropes when it comes to swimming - dive in the deep end, swim to the step....

....and walla! Easy :) Stella was impressed!

More beach, this time near Footprints.

Fun in the sand.

Little mermaid.

This was the boys' favorite thing to do - dig holes in the sand! The kids loved it.

We even got to meet up with the Van der Merwes. It was great to see them, especially the kiddies who have grown up so much!

Daddy's little girl...Bash and Tyler.

Next beach - Cintsa! The boys went fishing and caught us 3 brass bream with which they made us delicious paella that night!

Little miss in the shade.

Back at Footprints, we took a lovely little walk up over the rocks, around the cliffs and down to a secluded little beach ~


Delicious fresh strawberries from Lavender Blue.

With uncle Galla. She smashed her head on his tiles so many times, he thought they would never be the same again!

Hello there!

Little miss her to bits XXXXXXX

Down at Gonubie.

Nettie's preggie tum.

Moms and bubs go for a walk.

Last day :( Thanks for coming to fetch us Gogo, and also for our cute dresses!

Thanks for an awesome time guys....we miss you already! Looking forward to the next sea-side holiday, hopefully with us all together!


  1. Looks like the perfect holiday! Sorry we missed out!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Wish we were there! x