Friday, March 9, 2012

Little Miss Naughty

Stella is my most favourite person to hang out with at the moment. She is absolutely mischievous, silly and adorable. She is very, very naughty at the moment too! I think she drove Megan crazy in Ulsan, and put her off having kids, possibly for life.
I wish I could get a photo of her pulling her little sideways pout (like Popeye with out the pipe) while raising her eyebrows at me, but getting her to do anything for the camera is a trick beyond my capabilities.

I could also call her Little Miss Chatterbox...she babbles away at anyone who will listen: The ladies in the supermarket (who think she is too cute), the kids in the street (who think she's an alien), and Sangyeon and I (who think she's too funny!). She can say just about every variation of 'daddy' - appa, dadda, pappa...but only recently started saying mamma. She 'quacks' every time she sees her duck pillow, her bath duck, or ducks in her books. Sometimes she quacks at birds too, so I think she doesn't quite have it all figured out yet. And she's definitely a Korean baby, because she says a lot of stuff that actually sound like comprehensible Korean words (maybe all babies speak Korean before the learn their first language?). And she sings too...she loves music! When she hears a song that she recognises, or these silly Korean ads on the radio, she waves her hands around in the air and goes 'walalala".

As I'm typing this, I realise how fast she is growing up and I get so sad!
Can't believe this was my little schnoek 10 months ago - look how tiny she was!!

There are no truer words than: "Appreciate each stage of your baby growing up". That's the advice I would give to any new mom. That, and "Take LOTS of photos!"

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  1. Lovely post Tess. It's truer than true. Don't ever stop appreciating every stage because this growing up thing happens very fast.