Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thailand: Part 1

So, we went on a little impromptu trip to Thailand in Feb. It was just a week and planned in a big rush, so although everything wasn't perfect, we had a lovely time and got some much-needed sun!

After a nice and comfy speed-boat trip from Chalong Bay on Phuket, we arrived at Patok Bay - the main beaach on the island. Beautiful, and reminded me a lot of Formentera which we visited while in Ibiza. Lots of fancy yachts floating around...obviously the playground of the rich and famous...

The island is very small and thus not very populated...perfect for a family holiday. It was great to watch Stella enjoying all that the island had to offer, like sipping on coconuts ~

The infinity pool at our resort (Ban Raya) was fantastic and Stella loved showing off her swimming skills to Daddy!

We were up in time for sunrise each morning....except the first - a bit too early...

Second time was better...

...but the third was my favourite!

Napping in the heat, just about anywhere and was very hot!

There are 5 beaches on the island: 2 swimming/tanning beaches and 3 pebble beaches which are good for snorkelling and diving. They were all within 15-20 minutes walk from our resort, so we were lucky enough to spend some time at each one.

Patok Bay is the main one as mentioned before. Stella had a ball playing in the sand, and also splashing around in the shallow waters with schools of fish swimming right around our legs. Sangyeon and I also got to do some awesome snorkelling here.

Stel-bel, passed out again!

We had lunch at a great restaurant here:

They served the best meal I had on the island by far - fresh spicy lemon-grass fish - delicious!!


The beach at our resort was called KonKare. It was a stony beach, and the best snorkelling beach on the island. It's also very popular with divers, so there was always lots of traffic here in the afternoons.
Here Stella and I are checking it out on the first day...

And going for a last swim on our final day...

If you look closely, you can see the fishies swimming right by Stella's arm!

This is also where Sangyeon and I did our land-entry dive. It was great, my deepest dive to date (24.7m), but I have to admit - it had nothing on my dives in Kenya. And also, I think my snorkelling experience here was nicer!

The other swimming beach was called Siam Bay. It had the longest stretch of beach, was clean and quiet and gorgeous. Unfortunately there was an infestation of jellyfish the day we were there which stung Stella and I to bits, so we had to leave to find more friendly waters. It was the best beach on the island though, and if we ever had to go back I think we'd definitely stay here!

Ter bay is supposed to be a snorkelling beach, but the afternoon we went there, the tide was out and there was a sand bank about 30 meters into the water which was perfect for Stella to swim on! The water was warm and calm, and there wasn't a soul in sight!

Can you spot Stella with her daddy?

And then they saw the tsunami coming...jokes!

Wildlife on the island...

Sangyeon left a tip for the cleaners, and we came back in the afternoon to find this little arrangement!

After our dive, hanging out with the dive instructor's wife (teaching Stella to play drums)

A view of the dining room...

...where Stella met up with her Danish pal, Oscar every day :)

Stopping for refreshments on one of our walks

Stella even tried out the local brew!

Chilling out on the 'stoep' in front of our apartment

The longtail boat which we caught back to the mainland at the end of our stay...

This HAIR-RAISING trip was supposed to take 1 took 2! But that story is for another time...

And then we hit BANGKOK!


  1. Devine Tess! Love your cozzie. Such greaat photos of you and little Stel too! x

  2. Wow, Tess, it all sounds lovely and such beautiful photos you took! Maybe we should meet up in Thailand sometime!