Monday, July 16, 2012

Mud Fest 2012

The Boryeong Mud Festival is one of the summer highlights in Korea I think. I has a blast there in 2010, and really looked forward to it this year too. The fact that it happens in July means there is almost always rain at the festival which is just as well, since it is a mud festival!

This year was no different, and as the rain poured down on our drive there, I was a little worried...

Luckily by the time we got to Boryeong, the rain had stopped and Stella and I headed straight to the beach for a dip :)

Stella and SY took a little nap...

...rise and shine!

Ciara's brother and sister from Ireland visiting for a few weeks...

Very sad story...Stella's pink dress from Gogo was drying on one of the 'No swimming' flags, and somehow the flag managed to get removed without us noticing. And so the dress disappeared! We went to ask the life guards if they had seen it, but no luck :(

Early on...

...and a bit later!

Mermen on the beach


Since Stella's dress was gone, we had to make a new one out of her blankie. She didn't think much of her replacement.
P.S. Check out Stella's cute shoes - she's joined the Crocs brigade! They are a little big, but all her other shoes are too small for her now, so for the moment it's these or barefoot!

SY won a doggie for Stella and the dart games

People getting into the festive mood...

Here is Stella reading up about the Yeosu Expo happening in Korea at the moment. I think it's amazing and I really hope we can see it before it's over in August. To give you and idea of what it's about, here's an excerpt from the brochure:
"The entire site of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is designed to form a model city exhibiting the low-carbon lifestyle of the future. It's a global gathering seeking to preserve the environment and to achieve the co-prosperity of the sea and humankind."

Stella didn't like these dudes much...

Mud and games

Stella got in on the action...


  1. Wow ... looks very cool! How do you get Stella to fall asleep like that? She's always catching a nap somewhere. Pity about her little dress. Love her little crocs.