Monday, July 23, 2012

One night on Daebu Do

We went back to Daebu Do (the muddy island) to spend a night in BoGyeong's father's company's new pension (hope you got that?). A pension is what the Koreans call self-catering accommodation. This particular pension is brand new and completely made out of wood. It was super-cute and elfish, and the weather was really misty which made it extra spooky. I loved this place so much I just had to do a post about it.

This is a view of the driveway...

There are two little houses on the property. One has a nice big living room, and the other a smaller one with a loft to compensate.

The round living room with a roof that opens up for fresh air.

Bathroom and kitchen.

The bedroom, which sleeps 2, although there is loads of space in the living room for more people to sleep.


Some fun with photos.

This is JiHye and BoGyeong, both of whom Stella adores! Sometimes she doesn't even want to leave them to go home with me!!

Freedom, in whatever sense of the word...

Just a few trees separated us from the beach.

Taking a breather on the swinging bench.

Walking down to the beach... find a tractor!

So misty we couldn't see much!

And yet that didn't scare Stella, she headed straight into the muddy ripples!

Old boat.

Self-timed photos can be dangerous!


Some portraits.

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