Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boryeong Mud Festival

We went off to the Mud Festival at Boryeong Beach this weekend, in what was the start of monsoon season! It started pouring on Friday and didn't stop until Saturday night, then we had a glorious, sunny day on Sunday and got fried! Everybody is suffering from extreme mud sports injuries and sun burn this week, but it was FUN, totally worth it!

This is us in our army gear on the mud beach in the rain, playing rugby, mud wrestling and many other dirty, wreckless things...

At the mud festival, getting painted in the various shades of mud. The mud is really good for your skin by the way, so it is a treat doing this!

The fireworks display done over the ocean - amazingly beautiful! We also got to see some of Korea's pop stars perform, followed by a beach disco!

Tatoo art on the beach on Sunday, my butterfly was very cute but got washed off as soon as I went into the sea :(

The gools, covered head to toe in mud.

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