Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ciara and I decided to do went in search of a good beach on Saturday, so we hopped on a bus, travelled to the other side of the country in 3 hours, and found exactly that!
The east coast of Korea is lined with gorgeous beaches and beautiful blue ocean water which is just cool enough to enjoy a refreshing swim. The little town we went to was called 강릉 (Gangneung). There was so much to do there and we had just one day! So after relaxing on the beach and a delicious lunch, we rented some bicycles for next-to-nothing and cycled a few km's up the coast. It was so pretty and made us decide to go back and spend a weekend sometime this summer.

This friendly family took to us, and the lady even insisted on being our personal photographer...instructing us to 'just have fun', and she'd take some 'action shots'!

Going for a dip

The pensions (self-catering accomodation) right on the beach!

Gangneung is called the Pine city, because the coast is lined with Pine trees. Here you can also see the barbed wire, which runs all the way up to the border with North Korea...It was put there some years ago to protect against army attacks from our friendly neighbour...

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