Friday, July 9, 2010

Saying good bye to friends and football teams

One of my most favorite friends, Sanjib, is going back to India. He is taking a bit of a vacation and has some work to do there, but there is a chance he might not come back to Korea. If he doesn't, he will surley be missed by everyone here! He is a great guy, and we are all really fond of him. We had some leaving drinks with him on Wednesday night, the night before Germany played Spain - and got kicked out of the World Cup ;( I had fun taunting all the Spanish supporters anyway, and with my home-painted shirt! I'm starting to enjoy this clothes-painting business...
So on that note, I'll be supporting Holland in the final, even though I said Spain would win at the start of the World Cup. I just don't think they deserve to win.

Oh! We also got to see Korea's very own Elvis impersonator...He was great, although I'm not sure what language he was singing in, or if he was even singing Elvis songs?!

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