Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Big 1

I finally got the photos from Stella's 1st birthday party back. It was quite a formal occasion, much different to the kind of party we would have had in South Africa, but loads of fun none-the-less. And most importantly, Stella had a ball. She enjoyed all the fuss and wore her traditional Hanbok with pride ;)

The party table, decorated with traditional treats and trinkets...

The party room...

A few with family...

Adoring uncle Neungmyeong and grandpa

And proud Dad

The birthday girl...

Some of the guests ~

Dani (my friend from Rhodes)

One of the many cousins...

My Irish friend Ciara (from Suwon)

More cousins

My Philippine friend Annabeth and her family

Friend of the family

One of SY's oldest friends from work (we were at his wedding in 2010, and at his baby's 1st birthday party last weekend!)

My lot: Ciara, John, Dani and Jina

Aunty Jina

The party host - she was a wild one!

It's tradition at a Korean birthday party to play a game called Doljabi. The party girl or boy gets presented with a mic, a pencil, a bank note, a judge's hammer, and a stethoscope, and then picks one, and what ever she picks is a sign of what she will become one day! SY guessed that Stella would choose money, I said a pencil....but to everyones delight she picked the stethoscope!! So we might have a doctor in the family one day...

Blowing her candles

Enjoying one of her most favourite things at the moment - bubbles!

Thank you very much to Ilze Louw who came to take photos for us!


  1. Wow Tess! I loved seeing the photos and reading about the traditions! The photos are gorgeous ... love the one where Stella is beaming at the bubbles! Well done on a successful first year as a mom ... you can be proud!

  2. Stunning Stunning Stunning! Love all the photos ... beautiful ones to treasure! Love the one of Stella's shoes!