Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring cleaning...

I have over 40 albums of photos in my Facebook account - that's a lot! Too much for me...especially since I have become a mom, I've become antsy about keeping things neat and tidy. And plus the fact that most of the albums from the UK I don't have saved anywhere on hardware, I've decided to 'clean up' and save them! I'm going to download all the photos onto my laptop (I foresee a long and painful process), and just for fun I'm going to post some of the albums to my blog, just as a trip down memory lane. And then of course, they will be deleted forever from FB. Starting a new FB chapter in a way, I guess. These little posts will come and go between posts about Stella and our life at the moment.


When I was in England, I enjoyed finding graffiti all over random spots in London, largely thanks to Sean (Jackson). It was a fun way to explore the city!

Banksy is probably the most famous graffiti artist in the world, and by far my favourite.

A couple of very tall fairies at Bestival, on the Isle of White.

Craven Cottage in Fulham.
I was also mad about football (soccer) when I was in England, and got to see a couple of games at my favourite team, Arsenal's home ground - the Emirates Stadium.

A Banksy imitation found in Oxford.

Fulham Palace across the Thames.

More random graffiti.
An old 'tjor' somewhere on the Isle of White.

The last stop on the Jack-the-Ripper tour in east London.

London is full of interesting art in various forms. These life-size dolls appeared on buildings along the south bank of the Thames once...I wonder if they are still there?

A Merry-go-Round at the St Giles' fair in Oxford.

An old abandoned theatre in the north of London.
Santa scaling the walls in Scotland.

Art in Glasgow.

Oxford skate park...

More Banksy...I really loved him!


  1. What a blast from the past!

  2. I was telling Gen about when I visited you in Oxford a few times, I loved it there!