Thursday, May 24, 2012


Big red rose bushes have started blooming all over our neighbourhood lately. I must say, it makes for a very pretty sight! And Stella of course, loves to go over and sniff the roses, saying 'Hmmmmm' ....

Now that all the Spring blossoms have disappeared, she has a taken on a new interest - ants. When we walk to the park, it takes 3 times as long these days, because she insists on squatting down to watch the comings and goings of every ant we pass. Such is the curiosity of a 1-year old. I don't mind - I'm in no rush, and frankly I'm very glad she loves nature as much as I do. I do also want to say how lucky I feel to be a non-working have time to do all these things! I am truly blessed to be able to spend these precious moments with my daughter :)

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