Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buddah's birthday weekend

We had a nice 4-day weekend last weekend, thanks to Buddah! We didn't do anything too hectic, and yet every day was enjoyable.

It started on Friday with a picnic on Debu island with Bogyeong and her mom and friends. It's a muddy little island, so not very pretty but lots of fun! After lunch we trampled around in the mud looking for crabs and sea shells!

Some panoramic views of the beach...

Getting muddy...

Catching crabs...

Stella had the most fun washing up in the water afterwards, but it was a bit windy and as a result she now has a cold again :( I'm not sure if it's that or her teeth again (because she's drooling like crazy these days).

On Saturday, we made our way to Pyeongtaek for a friend's baby's first birthday party, and to spend the weekend with SY's family. Stella spent most of the party playing outside at the photo corner...

"I'm packing my bags and I'm outta here..."

On Sunday we went up to Yeongin mountain. It's very beautiful and the air is clean and fresh. Unfortunately Stella was asleep when we got there, so we just took her for a little stroll. Sorry she missed it! We'll have to go back soon.

At home playing Go-Stop with uncle Neungmyeong.

Stella had a ball playing in the neighbour's garden. I love going spending the weekend here, because it feels like a little piece of home. We chased cats, caught some spiders and other insects, checked out all the veggies, and even found some strawberries!

Playing hide-and-seek with Dad

AND we got Stella some fish! I've been pushing for a hamster, but SY is dead against it...probably a good thing. So we'll settle for some fish :)

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