Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Unfortunately we were so busy with Stella's party plans, we missed most of the flower festivals last month. Luckily there was a small one still going on in Pyeongtaek this past weekend, so we popped in there on Monday before heading home after her birthday party. And I'm so glad we did ~ Stella was in heaven amongst all the flowers, and we even got to see some sheep and goats (yes, sheep in Korea!! Must be the only ones), and feed some feathered friends. It was great fun :)

Stella had a blast in the bird cage feeding these budgies...I must admit, I rather enjoyed it myself!

making a animated gifMade me want to have birds at home....


  1. Stunning photos! What a good find!

  2. Such beautiful flowers! Stella is looking goegeous ... growing up!

  3. Siana asked if Sangyeon is an Angel??????