Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boerewors and sunshine!

A few weekends ago I won the rugby raffle at Scrooges in Itaewon. I don't know if you remember, but I won the raffle when I was there last year too....Looks like I have some kind of lucky streak with the rugby team, so I should go back more often!
Anyway, I won a k of South African boerewors, and it arrived today!! So tonight I cooked some of it up with lekker 'sous', and it was delicious! Not quite like home, but good enough :)

Spring has also finally sprung, and I'm delighted!! The weather is gorgeous at the moment. And the flowers are in full bloom. This weekend I'm going to a roof-top braai with some fellow Saffas to celebrate the arrival of the new season.

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  1. Lucky Fish Tess... maybe you should buy some Lotto tickets! The flowers look so pretty ~ things are going the opposite way here now ... trees losing leaves and everything starting to look a bit brown and drab... already counting the days till summer again. xxx