Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Taking the plunge ~ the water was freezing!

Jagalchi Market...Koreans like it raw!

The U2 Bar!!

Our gang

Hakdong Black Pebble Beach on Geojedo Island

Delicious lunch!!

Cocktails = dancing!

Rain, rain, rain

The Aquarium was really amazing to see!

So we spent the long weekend down on the south coast in the amazing city of Busan - beautiful people, beautiful beaches, beautiful food, and fun fun FUN to be had! I wish i could live there...
We arrived very early (5:30) on Friday morning, in glorius sunny weather, spent the morning on the beach and the afternoon exploring the fish markets. On Friday we went out to explore the night life and found a bar called U2 which turned out to be awesome. Sadly the weather went down hill from Saturday (much rain came down), but that didn't stop us from hopping on a ferry to a nearby island called Goejedo. It was beautiful but we didn't have much time to look around. We did have a superb lunch of grilled shell fish, followed by a manic taxi ride back to catch the ferry in time - our taxi driver was awesome, but I did think we were going to die a few times!
On Saturday night we had a crazy night of cocktails and dancing till the early hours, it was so great. In Suwon I spent most of my time studying and being responsible so it was good to let loose a bit.
So Sunday we allowed ourselves to sleep in (nothing to do in the rain anyway), and went to the aquarium in the afternoon which was so cool. We wanted to dive with the sharks but it was fully booked, so we'll do it next time we're down.
There's loads that we didn't get to do, so I am for sure going back this summer. I LOVED BUSAN!

I've also been listening to 5FM via streaming audio pretty much every day since I got my laptop. It's really helping me get into the World Cup mood, getting very excited! I just have to learn the diski dance now ;) 16 days to go!!

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