Thursday, May 6, 2010

Children's Day

Korea is great - they have a national holiday in honour of the children, who get money and presents, and nobody has to go to work!
So on Tuesday night we went for some acoustic music at our favorite local, the Big Chill, followed by Norae Bang which ended at I had a nice lazy lie in yesterday and then hit the World Cup Stadium with my Irish friend Ciara. We saw a soccer game between the Suwon Blue Wings and Daejon city. SBW used to be one of the best teams in the K-league, but they are not very good any more. They do however, still have the biggest and best fan base in all of Korea, and I can sure confirm that after the game yesterday. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the fans compare with, if not beat, the fans in England quite easily.
Well, I've fallen in love, and am a true Blue wings fan now. Looking forward to many more games this season!
Also, I'm SO excited for the World Cup next month :) They are having a South African pre-world cup braai early next month which should be great!

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