Monday, May 31, 2010

A date with Sangyeon

So here it is:- the low-down on the bf...
Name: Sangyeon
Age: 30
What's he like: Lovely!!
We met in December at a ski resort, went boarding pretty much every weekend for the rest of the season (he is really good at snowboarding btw), and then just continued hanging out after that. I wasn't sure where is was going at first, but almost 6 months down the line things are still going well, so I decided it was time to tell you about him.
He is really amazingly kind and sweet, and lots of fun. He works very hard though, so we only get to hang out on Sundays, when he usually organises some great date!
This past Sunday we went to a wedding and then to a nearby sea-side town called Samgyocheon to check out a navel museum. We got to see lots of really interesting stuff, including what the underground bunkers looked like in the Vietnam war - very cool!

This is what the traditional part of a Korean wedding looks like (after the bridal couple changes out of western-style dress and suite).

Sangyeon hates being photographed so I don't have many of him. Will make a note of posting more from now on.

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  1. Tess... Congrats! You'll have to bring him home in December so we can meet him! You've just broken the hearts of all Magogong and Hartswater's eligible Bachelors ... they will be devestated! Glad you met a great guy ... you deserve it!