Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy weekend = exhausted = I'm getting old

I had a really busy weekend - it was great, but I am truly exhausted now, which must mean I'm getting old?
(Excuse the back-to-front order of the photos...once I'd realized I'd uploaded them like that, I was too lazy to make it right!)

On Friday night we went to catch the Battle-of-the-Bands competition at Indie Suwon. There were some great bands, and I got to see Edward's ridiculous (sorry Ed) new haircut, which he got against his will. Beware the non-English speaking hair stylists!!
Then on Saturday, I got up early, went to Korean class then went to meet Lindsay and her friends at the Folk Village. They were up here for the weekend with their Martial Arts club who had a competition at the Yongin Sports University. It was good to see them, and I love the Folk Village so I was quite happy to meet them there, even for only a couple of hours.
Then I left them to head to a roof-top braai, which was awesome - fresh air, city view, good company and a real brrraaaii! YUM :)
And on Sunday we got up early to watch a bit of the Taekwondo competition with Linds in Yongin, by which time I was almost dead. So I went home, got a couple of hours sleep, and then went to watch the new Robin Hood film with my Korean friend Sangyeon. My other friends went to see the soccer game between Korea and Equador in Seoul, I was jealous! But Sangyeon and I watched it on TV after the movie, and it was very exciting! Korea was great, and really look good for the world cup next month!
Exciting times ahead, with our trip to Busan this long weekend (Buddah's birthday on Friday - the biggest, most celebrated holdiay in Korea).

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