Monday, May 17, 2010

English teacher?

In my post yesterday I misspelt ECUADOR - sorry. It's no big deal really, but these days I feel stupid all the time - being an English teacher I probably should never get things like that wrong, but we are still human after all. And besides, there are probably loads of other things I messed up too, and haven't noticed. I apologise in advance.

And f.y.i: the sport I went to watch with Lindsay, is in fact, not Taekwondo, but Yongmudo:- a fairly new sport which was invented in Korea at the Yongin University! Lindsay's instructor had a hand in creating it, so he's quite famous. He's a cool guy, was really nice and gave me a free Yongmudo T-shirt!


  1. Ahh ... look at your new background! I've been reading your posts in Google Reader ... when did you change it? It's very cool!

  2. thanks, it looks cool, but the template doesn't fit my settings very well :( so i might change it....i still don't have the hang of this whole blogging thing!!

  3. Thinking of changing to Wordpress.... blogger spacing irritates me. Just have to sort out my Archives if I do that. x